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  1. I'm afraid I haven't tried using a keyboard to try to jump through the Movie list. I'll give it a go later.
  2. Does the remote you're using have a keypad? If so you can set up XBMC so that it interprets numbers as though they are SMS type letters. e.g 2 = abc 3 = def 4 = ghi 5 = jkl 6 = mno 7 = pqrs 8 = tuv 9 = wxyz So to go to the start of the H's in your Movie list press 4 twice If you see my post (14) in it explains a bit about how to do it.
  3. Apologies for quoting myself. I can confirm that this does work. I've added <two>JumpSMS2</two> <three>JumpSMS3</three> <four>JumpSMS4</four> <five>JumpSMS5</five> <six>JumpSMS6</six> <seven>JumpSMS7</seven> <eight>JumpSMS8</eight> <nine>JumpSMS9</nine> Into the following sections of my Keyboard.xml file <MyMusicFiles> <MyMusicLibrary> <MyVideoFiles> <MyVideoLibrary> And I can now jump to the relevant letter in my Movie and Music lists whilst still being able to enter numbers when in Full Screen Video mode to skip to a particular location in a video file.
  4. I've been looking into this a bit more and I haven't experimented with this yet but it looks like it's possible to have keys behave differently when in different parts of XBMC so that the default behaviour is Numbers and only when your in the Video menu does it switch to Jump SMS type behaviour. More info here, look at the An Example section towards the bottom which shows how to make the Info key display ingo globally but the OSD when in Full Screen Video mode. As I say, I haven't experimented with this myself.
  5. One disadvantage of the Keyboard.xml method is that you can no longer enter numbers in order to skip to a particular point in a video file by entering the time ie. to skip to 1hr 20 mins into a video enter 1 2 0 0 0 and press select.
  6. I've tried both methods, can't get Flirc Utilities to work but the JumpSMS suggestion for Keyboard.xml does the trick. When you're in your movie list just use the number pad keys to move to the letter you want.
  7. Just to say, I haven't tried my suggestion above but it looked like it might do the trick. Also, looks like it may well do what you want too.
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