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  1. Further to my earlier request for assistance, see HERE for the fix.
  2. 2ND EDIT: THIS IS NOW FIXED. Hopefully this solution works for you AllardSijm. 1. Uninstall the GUI. 2. Move the Flirc to A DIFFERENT USB PORT then run GUI version 1.4.4. The firmware should automatically update to v3.8. 3. Remove the Flirc. 4. Reinstall the latest GUI (2.0.2 at time of writing). 5. Reinsert the Flirc into the original USB port. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Same thing has happened to me today on a Win 10 box with GUI 2.0.2 going from 3.6 from 3.8. I have also tried reinstalling the GUI, and reinstalled the drivers with Zadig several times to no avail. I too see the bootloader in device manager. At the moment the Flirc seems bricked. EDIT: I have since tried the 1.4.4 GUI found HERE but it crashes as soon as the Flirc is plugged in. Look forward to receiving word on this one. Thanks, K22
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