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  1. Hi, so i plugged it into the PC and got the multiple press(s) BUT they seemed to be not as many .. and it came good very quickly. I was then not able to reproduce it again on the PC .. interesting. So i had a look at my OUYA and tried plugging the FLIRC directly into the OUYA instead of via an extension cable .. That did not work at all, the OUYA has all its ports tightly together so i was no really surprised. i then change the USB extension cable from a 1.2M cable to a shorter 90cm ( approx. ) cable. The problem has not appeared since .. so MAYBE its an interference type issue. I will report back in a week or so with an update, but looks promising, use short and good quality USB extension cables may be the advice. Cheers
  2. So i am having exactly the same problem .. i have a Harmony 700 connected to an Ouya ( Android ) running XBMC. When it is occuring if i pull the FLIRC it immediately stops, so i suspect the FLICR rather that the Harmony. If i use the Bluetooth game pad from the Ouya it woks fine, so i suspect its not an XBMC issue. Agree, very annoying. This is the main thing stopping me retiring the Apple TV in favour of the Ouya.
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