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  1. Hello,


    I have a harmony one and a harmony elite remote.  I have both programmed for my nvidia shield TV (gen 2) using the Flirc dongle.    When scrolling through a list of movies (about 250) the down scroll is extremely slow.   On my nvidia original remote it scrolls fast up and down.    It only scrolls quickly using the flirc when I scroll up.   Any suggestions?   I've already tried reporgramming it from scratch (twice).   I've updated the flirc dongle to the latest firmware and updated the flirc software.

  2. Hello,

    I just got the firc and an nVidia Shield.    I have the activity for watching the plex to have the Sony TV, Marantz prepro and the nVidia Game Console (nVidia Shield).


    I programmed the FLIRC for Shield 2 and updated the firmware.


    When start the activity, it starts all the devices and the buttons work fine.   I have a power toggle in the screen part of my harmony that works if for any reason I wasn't aiming in the right direction when I started the activity.


    When I power the activity down, it does power off the TV and the Prepro but it doesn't put the shield in standby or power it off.   


    If I go to the activity, Customize activity, at the bottom there are activity shutdown commands.

    I select it and try to add a step for the device nvidia game console (I can't add an action, just a command) but for command there are no power or standby options.


    Anyone know a way around this (short of power toggling it manually before shutting down the activity?)



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