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    Hey there! First of all: Great product, but there's some headroom: In the current version of Flirc on windows (as of April 2020) erasing just one key in the Kodi mode doesn't work, and clicking every button is also not that convenient. But my real question here is, if I can use modifier keys on the remote, because the LG remote for my DVD player (which I use because it has dedicated play/pause buttons and more) has also a small section of buttons for controlling a TV. Those can be adapted to some TVs, because the remote has some profiles stored in it. But after registering the buttons, it doesn't actually react to them, but when I try to reassign them, it says that this button is already in use. So I wanted to use a modifier key (the 'Audio' key on my remote) to be able to adjust volume and channel with the main direction buttons, but I can find no option for this. Also it would be nice, if the remote configuration file stored on the pc would be a text file, only with another ending, so you could modify some configurations yourself/see if Flirc registered them, because the 'power'-button doesn't do anything when pressed, but when trying to register it, it nevertheless says that it is already registered. So maybe a dedicated 'test all the buttons' mode would be helpful here, where the control signals are not passed through to the OS.
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