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  1. 1 hour ago, jason said:

    File - clear configuration

    then use my software and teach the remote to Flirc again.  

    Thanks Jason, I’ll give that a go. 

    One question though. I want the Flirc unit to use the stock Shield remote codes but when I tried to learn from the 2019 Shield Pro remote, I get nothing. Maybe that remote isn’t IR?

  2. Hey all, I've got some issues with my Flirc devices. I've got two 2019 Shield Pros, controlled with Crestron remotes.

    They were working great on my 2017 Shield Pros. Then they worked with limited functionality after I upgraded to the 2019 Shield Pro (FF/RR/Pause buttons no longer worked). Now I've updated the to Flirc v3.25.1 and nothing works now.

    Is there something I should be doing after updating the Flirc units?

    *Note: The Shield remote codes are already setup in Crestron so all I need the Flirc to do is pass along the default Shield IR codes.

    -Any help is appreciate!

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