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  1. Ok, in case it helps other, for the Nvidia SHield 2019 pro and Harmony 350 here are the mappings i used : Using manucturer nvidia and shield as the model name in harmony software (others may work, that is the one i used - flirc in harmony gave only 2 buttons to assign strangely). Use seettings from this original post : Except for the following buttons : - Menu can be assigned through flirc_util record_api 0 101 as discussed in this thread : - Back should be assigned to escape on full keyboard (making sure to not use the home and back assignments on the nvidia shield harmony template, as for some reason they send the same IR code so would overwrite themselves when doing the flirc mapping. - I assigned the 'exit' physical button to 'left trigger' and used that as the button for home 'windows+enter as described in the link thread) - OK button should be assigned from the new gen2 shield flirc profile and this very latest - power button can be assigned also from the new gen2 shield profile.
  2. Just tested and it works !! I had to erase all settings on flirc and remap all according to the previous templates recommendations. Will post later the full settings that worked for me. ReLearning just 'ok' with the new settings was not enough. The media keys stopped working without remapping them cleanly after formatting the flirc Much appreciate the quick support ! Really glad I found this product and didn't buy an expensive new remote. Thanks again !
  3. Thanks for the speedy response ! Currently quite sick unfortunately but should be able to attempt later today. Which buttons should be relearned ? Just the 'ok' button or all of them ? Much appreciated.
  4. Thanks !! Upon further testing it seems like when using the harmony remote on the virtual keyboard, it is is currently sending the code to click on 'search' after you have typed what you wanted to search, but not what corresponds to 'i want to type that character selected on screen' At least when mapping the central ok button on the shield remote to enter/return on the full keyboard layout in the flirc UI. When you type a few characters with the shield remote or the Android TV phone app, and the click OK on the remote, it sends that search correctly. Some apps such as Kodi don't have the issue, presumably because they have implemented their own keyboard and it responds well to the 'ok' button press
  5. Hi guys, I was able to correctly map almost all the buttons between shield pro 2019 and a harmony 350. Current issue i have is that the 'ok/enter' mapping does not work with the on screen keyboard (for example through the main search or through Plex search for example or any other app that uses the standard leanback or Gboard keyboards). Currently typing a letter makes the keyboard disappear and the letter is not typed. The ok button works for everything else with the harmony. Like opening an app, playing a file , etc. Seems strange that they would use two different codes when typing and any other 'ok/enter' action ? Anyone else seeing the same ? As a workaround I found that I can use the Android TV app on my phone as a remote keyboard which is pretty convenient. Or the shield remote just for typing. Ideally I'd like to find a solution. I am using : - the very latest beta firmware ( hat was listed in another thread. - mapping settings from the other thread using full keyboard and media keys mappings - shield pro 2019 - harmony 350 Thanks !
  6. Hello again, I was able to map pretty much all the buttons of the shield remote on my hamony 350 thanks to this thread and others Just noticed that through flirc / harmony it doesn't register keyboard presses when you open up the keyboard to search from the main menu or through the search in Plex for example. It seems the 'ok' button from the shield remote is not the same command as the 'ok' for everything else even though it is the same button on the shield. Quite odd. Do you experience the same issue ? Shield remote or the Android TV phone app can be used as a workaround in the meantime. Bit annoying though to be so close from not needing the original remote.
  7. Thanks a lot to all for this thread ! I was able to map correctly most of the remote to flirc commands for the shield pro 2019. The exit (round icon button on the remote) does not seem to work though. Any one know the keyboard combination for it or ID to pass to flirc_util ? EDIT : figured it out. The 'back' and 'home' buttons in the harmony profile for Nvidia shield are both sending the same IR code. So when doing the flirc mapping it was overwriting whichever one was initially associated. All is working good now. Would be quite nice if we could have a mapping for the netflix button that would launch a custom app for example Plex, i don't know if this possible/ available though. Thanks.
  8. Thanks a lot to all for this thread ! I was able to map correctly most of the remote to flirc commands. The exit (round icon button on the remote) does not seem to work though. Any one know the keyboard combination for it or ID to pass to flirc_util ? Thanks.
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