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  1. Just to reiterate, my understanding is that currently there is no way to initiate Voice Search using the current version of flirc_util (3.20.4) and flirc firmware (4.4.2 in Flirc 2.0). There are conflicting reports of what HID commands need to be issued for that to work. One article mentioned Windows key (0x65 on the keyboard), but that didn't work. Earlier in this thread it was mentioned that Shield uses command 0x221 from HID Consumer Table, but as expected, `flirc_util record_api 0 545` did not work as well. If anybody is wondering why you would want to click the Voice Search button on a remote without the mic, the answer is that this is not really a real issue - Shield TV supports generic USB mics, and you can also put the Shield Controller somewhere next to you (it has a mic; I have not confirmed if it's on all the time, but something is draining the battery like crazy). Also, if you are wondering why not just say "Hey Google" (current Shield TV firmware supports this as Experimental/Beta feature), my personal answer is that in this case at least a pair of Home Minis and multiple google pixels all wake up and try to help with the request, and while phones and Home Minis don't duplicate an attempt and record something like "responded on another device", they do not really communicate the same way to the Shield, so typically 2 devices (including Shield) simultaneously responds with drastically different results from different parts of the room and start acting as voice input to each other and then apologizing for not getting what I want to do. :) It's very fun to hear, but impossible to use. @jason Let me know if I am saying something wrong, and also if the functionality becomes possible at some point, would it be possible to make a reply here since this thread comes up in search a lot. It would be greatly appreciated, same all all the great work of your team!
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