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  1. Hello! Sorry for the delay, it didn't tell me anyone replied. I'm using a harmony one remote, and if by "your software" you mean the flirc software, then only a little bit. Due to how well flirc works out of the box with a harmony remote and kodi, I haven't had to mess with it much. I'll keep a closer eye on this thread.
  2. Hi all, I bought a Flirc SE. It works great for controlling Kodi, etc. However, I'm trying to use the "SE" functionality of it and actually have it power off/on the computer. When I go into the Flirc software though, to bind power toggle to a button on my harmony remote, the software says that the Flirc is disconnected, in the title bar. Which is weird, given that it definitely works. I've tried fully uninstalling/reinstalling the software and drivers, but no luck. Anything I can try?
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