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  1. @jason I use adblink to backup Kodi and other system configs and ADB debug being on is required. I guess I can turn it back on when I'm doing that backup task and then turn in back off. No big deal. While I got your attention (and as I await Amazon's delivery of my new Flirc) I was wondering about a couple of things. I have a Sony Bravia XBR65X930E and the Bravia Sync feature gives me full functionality with the stock Sony remote in the Shield and all the apps. I actually like the remote and Bravia Sync. The three things it doesn't provide is Shield sleep, wake-up or Google voice search within Shield TV. I noticed in one of your blogs that you use another profile (Windows Media Center?) and assign the power button for sleep and I believe the Android home button on the Flirc Shield profile would also provide the wake-up using the home key. My questions are, can I still keep Bravia Sync enabled and how do I assign a key to Google voice search? Unless I missed that I didn't see voice search in your explanation of the Nvidia profile in the manual. Thanks, Mike
  2. Is that required for 2017 Shield TV Pro as well?
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