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  1. When Flirc is not connected, the program freezes every 1 second probably because its constantly checking if Flirc is connected. Can't you just have it search all the usb devices on startup then check only when new ones a plugged in to increase the speed? I was trying to demo to my friends what the software is like but i can't because it runs like it has cancer when the dongle is not plugged in.

  2. @BTSpaniel, have you updated to the latest firmware? Current firmware version is 4.0.10 and software 2.3.0. I think Jason fixed the sticky keys issue.

    Also there's no old software for new Flirc, as new Flirc is a totally different hardware platform compared to the old one. It can't just run old firmware.

    I Will check and try, give me 24 hours to fully test.

    it seems to have fixed my issues

  3. Devs should force the new flirc to use the older software until this is fixed. As it is now its pretty much a deal breaker to return this for a full refund. On a positive note at least i can write a bad review till this gets fixed on the new flirc. I cant push any key without it spazzing out and act like im holding down the key infinitely.

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