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  1. Hello Yawor Thanks for the reply. This HTPC was a complete new build in December 2016. Windows 10 Home x64 was installed and is completely up to date and the only other programs installed are Plex Server, Plex Media Player, EasUs ToDo Backup, TeamViewer and of course the Flirc Software (2.3.1). I have made sure there are no leftovers in Device Manager. Also, the USB Root Hub has xHCI after it, I do not know if that is relevant but I thought it best to mention it. Thanks Kevin
  2. Hello Jason Sorry, I was not clear, since I discovered the issue concerning the Logitech Unifying Adapter I have had it removed from the system. The testing I have done with the 4.0.15 FW has been done without the Unifying Adapter present. Thanks in advance Kevin
  3. Now, now :) Also, since downgrading from 4.0.15 to 4.0.12 I have been able to Wake the computer successfully each time, however, with 4.0.15 I have been unable to get Wake to work pretty much at all, sorry. Thanks in advance Kevin
  4. Hello Jason Sorry about this but since upgrading from 4.0.14 to 4.0.15 I am no longer able to Wake the computer. I downgraded to 4.0.12 and I am able to Wake the computer again. Also, I have ordered a Bluetooth USB Adapter (ASUS BT400) to replace the Logitech Unifying Adapter so I will update you how things go when I receive it, hopefully on Wednesday next week. Thanks in advance Kevin
  5. Hello Jason I tried running the device-log command again, this time without the Logitech Unifying Adapter present and the command worked this time. The results are: C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc>flirc_util.exe device_log <1>malloc_addblock(49): Heap Block: 0x20001FAC - 0x20002FFF (4k) <3>init_modules(419): Module Load Error: &module = 0x0000EA60 <3>log_output_init(42): no log hw found <3>init_modules(419): Module Load Error: &module = 0x0000EAF0 Late I know but better late than never :) I will also try the 4.0.15 FW and update you. Thanks Kevin
  6. Hello Jason My Motherboard is the ASUS H110I-Plus. You can find the information here: ASUS H110I-Plus Thanks Kevin
  7. Hello Jason Plugging in devices in a different order makes no difference. I have managed to test the Flirc on my Desktop (Windows 10 Pro x64) which does use a Wireless Keyboard however it is a Microsoft Receiver (I forget the model, sorry). and it seems to work fine on that one. I have checked on the ASUS Website and there is no USB Driver Update for my Motherboard, in fact all Drivers are up to date including the BIOS. Thanks in advance Kevin
  8. Hello Jason Unfortunately, not, no. All my computers are running Windows 10 Pro except the HTPC which is running Windows 10 Home. Kevin
  9. Hello Please see my edit above. Also, I have tried using a different USB Hub with no success. Kevin
  10. Hello Yawor Thanks for the reply. I have no additional software installed in order to use the K830, it is just Plug and Play. The Option software is, forgive the pun, optional. Also, the version of the K830 that I have is the version that also works by Bluetooth, however, I have no Bluetooth Adapter to test with at the moment. Right, I downloaded the Unifying Software and UnPaired the Keyboard. With the Unifying Adapter still plugged in the PC will not Wake. After removing the Unifying Adapter and Rebooting I am able to Wake the PC I would say 95% successfully. I hope this helps. Thanks in advance Kevin
  11. Hello all I have been doing some testing today and have discovered something. I use a wireless keyboard (Logitech K830) which utilises a USB Dongle. With the Logitech USB Dongle plugged in then I have the issue with being unable to Wake the computer. However, after removing the USB Dongle and Rebooting I have been able to Wake the computer every time I have tried. Could there be a conflict with having two HID Keyboards present? Thanks in advance Kevin
  12. Hello all Just to see if there is any common denominator can everyone with the Wake issue list the specification of there PC with the issue? Mine is: ASUS H110I-Plus Motherboard (BIOS 3016) Intel Core i7 6700 8GB Ram Samsung EVO 256GB SSD Windows 10 Home x64 Thanks Kevin
  13. Hello Jason I cleared the configuration and only mapped the Suspend / Wake and Next and Previous keys (all under Media Keys) and I still have the same issue. I do not know if this is relevant but I will post it anyway just in case. I decided to clear the configuration again and reprogram the Suspend / Wake key, using FW 4.0.14. I mapped the key to the PlayBackTest key on my Logitech Harmony One Remote and as expected when I mapped the key the computer entered Sleep. Pressing the key again did Wake the computer, however after this one time I was unable to Wake the computer from Sleep again using the same key. Using the key to enter Sleep worked fine and has continued to work every time. Thanks in advance Kevin
  14. Hello Jason Not much help but that is the command I use as a Scheduled Task to put my computer to Sleep after a Backup and it has always worked for me, allowing me to Wake my computer again with a Key Press on my Wireless Keyboard. Kevin
  15. Hello Jason Open PowerShell and run the following command: PowerCFG /SYSTEMSLEEPDIAGNOSTICS This will create an HTML file, Open that and it will show you a page that also specifies the Sleep State, in my case Sleeping3. Hope this helps. Kevin
  16. Hello Jason Thanks for all your work. As for the refund, not necessary but thanks for the offer. The key you have used in the above post is the same one I have mapped. The Flirc is setup in Device Manager to Allow it to Wake the computer. The way I have things setup is that I have a Logitech Harmony One Remote setup to switch off the Computer when it is not in use and to do so it sends the key associated with the Wake / Suspend key in the Flirc Software, in my case the PlayBackTest command when the Activity is started or stopped. When I change the Activity the Computer always Sleeps but will not Wake. To Wake my Computer I can press any key on my Logitech K830 Wireless Keyboard. How do I find out what Sleep Mode my computer is using? I found it, I am using Sleep Mode S3. Also, I use TeamViewer so if you wish we could setup a session if that would be helpful. Thanks in advance Kevin
  17. Hello Jason Thanks for the reply. I have tried running the command as Administrator with the same results. I usually run my HTPC in a Standard User Account (Auto Login) and I have tried running the command from there in an Elevated Command Prompt with no success. I have also Logged on to the Administrator Account on the HTPC and tried running the command there, again in an Elevated Command Prompt with the same issue. I hate being defeated :( Thanks in advance Kevin
  18. I rolled back the FW from 4.0.12 to 4.0.11 and I still receive the error shown above. I even tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling with the same result. I am at a loss, hopefully Jason can shed some light on why I seem to be the only one unable to run the command successfully. Thanks Kevin
  19. Hello Revs Thanks for the reply. I spent some more time today trying to get the command to run error free, however, no matter what I have tried I always receive the Error. What version of the FW are you running? I am running the 4.0.12 FW. Kevin
  20. Hello Revs Did you have any issue running the flirc_util.exe command? No matter what I try I always get an error when I run it. I have tried running it in Command Prompt (Admin), in PowerShell (Admin) and also as a Batch File and I always get the following error: PS C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc> .\flirc_util.exe device_log [D] lib/libtransport/hid.c hid_send_packet(83): I Error getting version device disconnected, can't run command Thanks Kevin
  21. Hello Jason The GUI was closed. I even tried running the command after a Reboot and received the same Error. Thanks in advance Kevin
  22. Also, running the command you gave gives the following error: PS C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc> .\flirc_util.exe device_log [D] lib/libtransport/hid.c hid_send_packet(83): I Error getting version device disconnected, can't run command I checked in the Flirc GUI and the Device is showing as connected. I hope this helps. Thanks in advance Kevin
  23. Hello Jason I had chance to test the 4.0.11 FW and the issue of the Flirc being disconnected when Resuming from Sleep seems to have been fixed (at least it is during the testing I have managed to do), however, the Waking from Sleep still does not work. Waking is also not working with 4.0.12 FW. Thanks in advance Kevin
  24. Hello Jason I have updated the FW and will test it over the next few days and post my findings here. Unfortunately this issue is the worst kind, intermittent, however, it happens more often than not. Thanks in advance Kevin
  25. Hello I am enclosing a couple of screen captures of Device Manager showing the error for the Flirc USB. After I receive this error if I Disable the Device and then Enable it the Flirc Keyboard Device will show under Keyboards and the Flirc will work fine until the next time I receive the error. I hope these help. Kevin
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