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  1. Thank you for that. :-) Now, a year later, I have used the silver apple remote control with my customized settings/mappings, I must say, its working quite well. I don't miss the long press anymore, since I just mapped that to a single click on the play/pause button, but hey....the last days I've read, that kodi will supporting a long press :-) Well....ok. Maybe I'll try it again, but the Keymapping feature of Kodi is so flexible and powerful, that is is not that easy to set up all the keys in all the different menus... In short, I'm happy, I managed to fit the mappings to my "needs". It took me a couple of days playing arount, BUT it was fun too. Setting up a remote control with so less buttons kept me thinking any trying a lot of things...even made me smarter... ;-) So, mainly, if I remember correclty after such a long time, I fiddled with the volume buttons and the up/down/left/right buttons in different menus of kodi. If anyone will try it or just take a look, here is now my backup to the internet, in case my RaspberryPi2 dies and I don't have a local backup... <keymap> <playercontrols> <keyboard> <key id="61568">volumeup</key> <key id="61569">volumedown</key> </keyboard> </playercontrols> <videos> <keyboard> <key id="61472">contextmenu</key> <key id="61467">back</key> </keyboard> </videos> <pictures> <keyboard> <key id="61467">back</key> </keyboard> </pictures> <global> <keyboard> <key id="61472">contextmenu</key> </keyboard> </global> <slideshow> <keyboard> <key id="61453">info</key> </keyboard> </slideshow> <fullscreenvideo> <keyboard> <key id="61467">stop</key> <key id="61568">volumeup</key> <key id="61569">volumedown</key> <key id="61472">playpause</key> </keyboard> </fullscreenvideo> <osdaudiosettings> <keyboard> <key id="61568">volumeup</key> <key id="61569">volumedown</key> <key id="61568">up</key> <key id="61569">down</key> <key id="61570">left</key> <key id="61571">right</key> </keyboard> </osdaudiosettings> <music> <keyboard> <key id="61568">volumeup</key> <key id="61569">volumedown</key> <key id="61467">back</key> </keyboard> </music> <visualisation> <keyboard> <key id="61568">volumeup</key> <key id="61569">volumedown</key> <key id="61472">playpause</key> <key id="61570">chapterorbigstepback</key> <key id="61571">chapterorbigstepforward</key> <key id="61570">chapterorbigstepBack</key> <key id="61571">bigstepforward</key> <key id="61570">bigstepback</key> </keyboard> </visualisation> <musicosd> <keyboard> <key id="61568">volumeup</key> <key id="61569">volumedown</key> <key id="61472">playpause</key> </keyboard> </musicosd> <home> <keyboard> <key id="61467">previousmenu</key> <key id="61467">activatewindow(favourites)</key> </keyboard> </home> <osdvideosettings> <keyboard> <key id="61570">left</key> <key id="61571">right</key> <key id="61568">up</key> <key id="61569">down</key> </keyboard> </osdvideosettings> </keymap>Enjoy remoting your Kodi/XBMC! :-)
  2. Hi diceman01, I'm too like to use my new Raspberry Pi2 like my ATV2 and its silver remote. Unfortunately, I'm not that lucky right know. I paired the silver remote with the minimalist and the full keybord controllers layout from the flirc program. "Normal" navigation in the Kodi menus works well (up/down, left/right). play/pause works well too. But when a movies is playing, the up/down keys on the remote just do a "skip forward/backward" . I was hoping/expecting that up/down will controll the volume, when a movie is playing, like it was when I used the AppleTV2. Is this working with your config? Can u share some more information (if so). Cheers!
  3. ++support, please. or maybe there is a workaround to have this long-press bound to another key on the (silver) apple-remote, without losing a single button on the remote?
  4. Hi, I just came here to mention, that the (important for all AppleTV2 users) long-press-option are not available with the flirc dongle! see this thread (its from 2013): So ppl might know this *before* they finish reading this useful thread and start testing. cheers, p.s. ppl which are not used to a long press read this: what is a long-press? => https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200837116-Long-Key-Presses
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