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  1. +1 Thanks so much, AverageGeek. That did the trick! -Randy
  2. OK, now that I'm home and can look at my Harmony remote settings, I find it is not the inter-key delay that I tweaked to make it so I did not get doubled up button presses (sorry about my bad advice above). Using the MyHarmony software, I chose the device I use to control the FireTV, selected Change Device Settings, selected the Device Command Repeats menu item... ...and set Device Command Repeats to 0... I hope this helps you too. -Randy
  3. The Harmony remote configuration is what I was referring to. I have never played with (or had to play with) any such settings on the Flirc. I'm giving this advice from memory, so you should probably ignore me (especially since it sounds like you've tried 0 and still have the problem). -Randy
  4. With Harmony remotes, I'm 99.6364% sure you want a low value inter-key delay to keep the IR command from repeating. Try setting it to the lowest or second to lowest number. -Randy
  5. Your problem still sounds identical to the one I had (I could navigate in the FireTV menu but the Select button in SPMC didn't work -- it acted more like a right-mouse button click). You could try assigning the Select button on your remote to the Space bar and see what that does (this is a random suggestion that I have yet to try myself). Sorry my original solution, which appeared to work for me, wasn't of any help. Good luck. -Randy
  6. I had the same problem. What I did was erase what I recorded as the remote button assigned to the Enter key found on the Flirc app's Controllers->Fire TV UI screen and then chose Controllers->Full Keyboard and assigned the desired remote button to the enter/return key. That solved my problem. I hope this explanation makes sense to you. -Randy
  7. Perfect sense. I was caught up in assuming the app would start a new configuration and dump anything I taught it if I switch controllers. I realize that's not the case now. Thanks!
  8. I'm not having trouble figuring out what additional keyboard keys / functions various FireTV apps support beyond the basic 11; instead, I'm trying to figure out how I pass that info to the Flirc. In other words, once I figure out which keyboard keys and functions I need to map (as you say), what do I do with that information? I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious here, so apologies for not grokking how I add keys/functions to the Flirc. Hmmm, I'll bet it's as simple as choosing Controllers->Full Keyboard and recording additional functions through that GUI. Am I right? -Randy
  9. I think I'm too stupid to figure out how to "just teach it with the Flirc app." Running the app and selecting the Controller->Fire TV menu option appears to limit me to teaching it IR codes for the Fire TV's basic 11 buttons only... How do I teach it Channel Up and Channel Down, for example, when there are no Channel Up or Down buttons to "record?" Is there another app I should be using? -Randy
  10. Before I got a flirc, I was using an Ortek Media Center PC Remote to control my Fire TV. (I switched to a flirc because the Ortek does not support the menu key.) During my time using the Ortek remote, I discovered some that some Fire TV apps support more remote commands than Fire TV's original remote offers. For example, I found I could page up and down through Pluto TV's program guide using the Ortek remote's channel up and down buttons. A side-loaded Xfinity app even supported the remote's mouse buttons. How do I add these "secret" buttons to flirc's Fire TV Controller configuration? Great product, BTW. Very easy to use and incredibly well designed. -Randy
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