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  1. Power strip is connected to ground and that's pretty much it. All the other devices don't have ground connection. Is there a way to manually add it?
  2. Hi! I looked for a long time but I'm not sure what the issue is coming from exactly, so, finding an answer is quite difficult... My Flirc 1st gen is connected to my HTPC (Hipstreet PC2Go, copycat of Intel Computer Stick). I had no issues so far. I connected a Steam Link today to my TV. The Flirc has trouble getting UR from my remote. Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't. When I disconnect power from the Steam Link : no issue. When I disconnect only the HDMI of Steam Link : no issue. Is it possible that there's interference with the HDMI cable? I tried my another HDMI cable (with ferrites) and the issue remains. I don't have other HDMI devices to test for now. But does anyone have an idea of what's happening? Thanks!
  3. The same here, I can't use the media key to wake the PC
  4. Hi, I'm using the SRP5107. TV is for my TV, and I would like to add a fake remote to another button, did someone found a code with almost all buttons recordable and different? I tried 1941 but the remote is refusing it :(
  5. I've just tried. Perfect, thank you :)
  6. I'm gonna try tomorrow ;) I'll tell you if it disturb Windows. yeah, sometimes XBMC is open, sometimes no and it's the Metro UI...
  7. I thought about that but if I do, if the screen is not off for the HTPC, it could pause or do something else to XBMC. Is there some other combo buttons I didn't think about? I would like to pair it with CTRL but it's not possible to just press "CTRL", it has to be with some other key :(
  8. Hi, I would like to associate the power button of my remote with an action that will just wake up the screen. For now : - I power on the TV, HDMI no connected because screen of HTPC in saving mode - I press a button to wake the HTPC screen and it shows on TV What I want : - Power on the TV and Flirc do a press key that will wake up the screen also. I know that I could just put any keypress on Flirc but if the screen is already ok, I don't want the HTPC a receive something like "p" ou "t" and change start a search or something else. Is there any keypress that doesn't do much but do wake the screen?
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