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  2. I'm trying to solve this as quickly as possible now. I have a big release soon, and it's critical that this firmware is 100% stable, so I will need to issue a fix in the next 2 weeks. I'm looking to buy a system that this is happening on so I can reproduce locally.
  3. I pre-ordered the pi4 Flirc case directly from the flirc.tv website and recently got my package delivered. When I opened it I discovered that it was the old pi3 flirc case instead. The packing slip even said it was supposed to be the pi4 case but I was shipped the wrong product. I'm trying to get support with my order and I've emailed support@flirc.tv but I've gotten no replies for a few days now. I've also called the phone number listed on the site and left a message and gotten no reply. Can an admin please help with my order? I can provide my order number and details just please let me know how I should contact you. Hopefully it's ok to post this sort of question in this thread, thank you for your help.
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  5. Thanks, mavrrick, I posted the question because the case was, well, not hot, but getting there. Perhaps I let my fears ("Warning, Will Robinson!") get hold of me. "Fears" is really too strong a word. I make it a habit to pay attention to the pi. Because it is not running cool, I thought it deserved a question on this forum. I'm really glad you mentioned your Seti@home experience. That shows me that I'm right to be watching, but panic is not appropriate. Really, though, there's no harm in asking if a case with a fan is in the works. As I said above, I really like the Flirc case and have no regrets about getting it. Just wondering.
  6. I've installed the FLIRC drivers on a Windows 10 system (1903) and plugged in the device. I am attempting to use an RTI RP6 to send it infrared commands. The learning mode works fine. I bring up the keyboard controller, tell it I want to program the spacebar, press a button on the remote, that triggers the RP6 to send infrared to the FLIRC, and yes it has recorded. Nothing I do, however, seems to make it play back that space key press. It seems to me that I should be able to go into any textbox (a browser address box, for example, or a command prompt), press the remote key, and see a space typed there. Is that a valid test? And of course it does not strike the spacebar in Windows Media Player (which should jump to the next song). I have tried both JVC infrared commands and Samsung TV commands, but the record-but-don't-play issue persists. From reading other support on this issue it seems the usual recommendation is to just keep trying different sets of infrared commands from different possible remotes until it finally works. I guess I could do that, but it seems a bit too trial-and-error and I've already had two failures. Is there anything else to try besides that?
  7. I think the question is what do you consider a problem. From simply a heat dissipation standpoint it does a really good job cooling the CPU. Does the case get fairly warm yes, but it does do a great job cooling the Pi4 which is really about just moving the heat from the CPU to something else that can facilitate dissipating the heat. Because of the size of the case it does a really good job of pulling it off the CPU and then getting rid of it. My FLIRC case is connected to a PI4 that has been running Seti@home for a few days now straight. Before the case i couldn't run one thread for more then a few min before the CPU was thermal throttling. Since installing the case I have had 2 threads running with the CPU going at 1.5ghz the whole time. The system hasn't broken 64 degrees when i have been monitoring it.
  8. دستگاه بلوک زنی دستگاه تولید موزاییک دستگاه سنگ فرش زن دستگاه بتن ساز دستگاه جدول زن http://bit.do/e4NYy http://tiny.cc/e2vcbz
  9. Hi there Does anyone have a config file ready for the remote control with a working netflix button? Also, with the cnfg from a.l3881 the volume buttons don't work for me. And the back button doesn't seem to work when i try returning from the blue and yellow buttons.
  10. Hi All, I just received my Flirc 2 and I am testing to see which configuration I want to go with.. I have a few questions that I am hoping I can get answered. I am running a Windows 10 Pro 64bit HTPC without Media Center and I use Logitech Harmony Ultra remotes with Hubs. I want to be able to navigate through Windows and the Apps I use frequently. VLC Player is what I use the most. I started mapping the remote buttons with the full keyboard. The first problem I saw was that I cannot use just the Windows Key without something else. I need to use the windows Key by itself for the ease of opening the App list. Is it possible to use only the Windows Key? The next problem was in VLC Player. In order to access the menu bar at the top you need to press the Alt Key. Once again it will not let you program the Alt key without adding another key. Is it possible to use only the Alt Key? Also, How many pre-made profiles are available with the Logitech Harmony Hubs? I see one for Kodi.. Are there others? Also what is the best method of controlling a windows PC with the Flirc, Logitech Harmony Hubs and Windows 10 Pro 64bit HTPC without Media Center? Thanks for any help....
  11. I sadly returned the gen2 Flirc and I'm still using the gen1 to this day with zero issues. I haven't investigated this since the original posting and it seems like nothing has changed based your posts.
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  13. I know people are busy, but my question shouldn't take much time or effort to answer. I really like my Flirc case. Its one of the sexiest cases on the market and the fact that it is its own heat spreader gives it a partial solution to the heat problem. It doesn't seem to have a lot of air flow, though. Has Flirc addressed this problem?
  14. Are there any site admins there even browse these forums? I have not received a response from FLIRC since i posted this topic over a month ago @Chris! @jason @towerhousestudio @yawor @Budwyzer @digitalb0y @Ryanmo Can someone address my original post please.
  15. Do any Flirc RPi4B cases have a fan? I played a youtube video for around 10 minutes and my Flirc aluminum case got pretty warm. Scott
  16. Hello, i have a lowe tv which have a remote control which can switch between tv, radio, recorder and dvd player. But only loewe products per default and i have only the tv. So i have thinked that one of them can be used to control a raspberry kodi. But if i pair the remote with the flirc ir receiver. I only can pair one key. If i want to pair another key: He say "This Button is already used". In tv mode all keys can be paired. So i think the remote splits in dvd mode the signal in two parts (DVD Code + Key Code). But flirc only get the first and interpret all other keys as the same, because all have the DVD Code. Can i tell flirc somehow, that it needs to use the whole code?
  17. hi taylor please help for key codes android . وزن ورق آلومینیوم thank you
  18. Sent you pm days ago, you dont awnser, i want to help but its hard this way..
  19. I get this error on windows 10 64 bit
  20. Is this forum dead? IS the product dead :D? Wasnt here for a while... wouldnt be suprised :(
  21. I adjusted the interkey delay on my Harmony remote between 20 and 1000 and the repeat rate did not change.
  22. I'm looking to buy just the thermal pads for the Flirc Raspberry Pi 3b (regular) case Kodi version, but I can't find them anywhere online.
  23. When I try to force an update it says "Your firmware is version 3.9.0 The latest version is 3.9.00" Is there a meaningful difference?
  24. Brother, you understand that Flirc is not just an ordinary USB storage device :D https://flirc.tv/more/flirc-usb Go to the NEW HARDWARE FEATURES section in the middle of the website to check whats in it :)
  25. Hey there. Can you upgrade your flirc to the latest firmware? Why are you stuck on 3.9? Best regards
  26. Hey mate. Use the flirc_util tool to check whats bonded. flirc_util keys I would delete all the keys and rebind them again. But everytime you do that, after 1 bind, type flirc_utils keys to check whats going on. It sounds more like a faulty remote then a faulty Flirc. Good luck
  27. Hey mate. I just tested your buffer and as it looks from here, everything's just fine. If you didn't got any error while sending it, the transmit was successful. Dont forget that the transmitter is only 2mm big, and as the devs said, it will transmit to max 6-8 feet. Not sure what your distance, but try to get it closer. p.s. you said that you have 2 of them? I hope they are on 2 different pcs. Try to enable the device log with the Enable IR Debugging on the ONE that receives, and send the mentioned buffer from the other one. You will see if the transmit was successful. Just an idea.
  28. Hey there. Here you go mate: http://blog.flirc.tv/index.php/2017/08/06/sdk-release-linux-rpi-ir-transmit-support/ Near the bottom of the post ;)
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