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  2. hello all im having this problem too, whenever i restart my pc, flirc doesnt work, have to replug so it works, please help
  3. hello i finally understand how to do it, so i will post here so people that dont usually use the flirc_util.exe can do the same. To enable and disable flirc on your PC go to start, execute/run/search (depends on your windows version) and write CMD it will open command prompt window, then write cd your-flirc-directory - in my example i write cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc and press ENTER then you write flirc_util.exe record toggle - at this moment flirc is waiting for you to press a button on your remote, choose the button you want to enable and disable flirc, and voilaaa, you can now enable and disable flirc by pressing your selected remote button
  4. im sorry i dont understand, i have update the flirc software, how can i enable and disable it?
  5. I am using Flirc to control Shield TV, I have Shield and Kodi profile and using Harmony 665. Suddenly I cannot control Shield anymore. Harmony is sending something according to its screen. But it Shield does not respond. I connected to PC and tried IR debugging, something is seen in the logs. When I push OK button: :e:24734 0,4961,4766,903,1573,903,1568,907,1587,914,732,907,1568,907,1569,906,1569,882,4371,903,733,881,1594,877,762,1744,778,883,733,881,758,903,736,878,1594,1744,732,882 :e:25 0,4936,4818,881,1595,877,1599,892,1584,903,737,902,1569,881,1595,881,1595,877,4401,878,758,877,1598,907,733,1743,733,902,737,877,758,903,737,902,1570,1714,762,903 :e:25 0,4960,4791,907,1569,877,1598,877,1599,876,762,903,1573,906,1569,907,1569,907,4371,877,762,902,1569,907,733,1717,759,877,762,903,732,881,758,903,1569,1718,763,877 :e:194 0,4939,4812,907,1569,916,1559,907,1569,907,732,903,1573,902,1573,903,1573,902,4372,882,758,903,1569,907,733,1743,733,906,734,877,758,903,737,903,732,877,763,902,1580,897 :e:24 0,4961,4793,903,1569,907,1569,907,1570,881,758,903,1573,903,1573,903,1574,877,4398,903,737,877,1595,882,758,1714,762,903,737,877,758,903,736,878,762,873,762,910,1566,882 :e:24 0,4931,4792,906,1569,882,1594,903,1573,903,736,878,1594,882,1594,907,1569,907,4372,882,758,903,1569,915,724,1744,733,877,763,902,733,881,758,903,748,866,759,902,1574,877 Firmware Version: v4.6.3 SKU: Flirc 2.0 [dori] Any ideas?
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  8. Greetings, I purchased the Flirc Jan 11/19 and it was working great. I have a dedicated Win 7/KODI HTPC that I use it in. I've setup batch files so that I can start Flirc then Kodi on bootup. Since the latest round of Firmware/Software updates, this Flirc device comes up as unrecognizable USB device by the OS when ever I do a restart of the PC. I now have to unplug then replug the Flirc back into the PC in order for it to be recognize every time I boot up. Any ideas how I can fix this or revert back to the Firmware prior to this one? I guess in hindsight, I should of left it alone. Why fix something that ain't broke... Thanks, Todd.
  9. no, but what's your intention?
  10. Hi! I'm using flirc on windows 10 and I was wondering if there's a way to make a shortcut to ALT+Tab. I know it's possible as a trigger but I need this shortcut to be [hold]Alt + [press]Tab. Then I can navigate through programs with arrow keys and enter. Is it possible?
  11. Is there anyway to turn the Flirc into a regular USB IR dongle to be used as a serial port?
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  13. Just curious, what are the correct thicknesses of the thermal pads for 3B & 3B+ ? I want to see if a piece I have is the right thickness.
  14. Oof, my bad. I released it. I never followed up here. Grab my latest version and then do a flirc_util record toggle
  15. yes, that's exactly how flirc-se works. Also, if you have a regular flirc, record the 'wake' key, and it'll only wake the computer with that paired key. It's on the keyboard controller next to F12
  16. I've got the first iteration of the non-SE Flirc dongle, but I've got an issue that it wakes my HTPC from Hibernate at every IR signal it picks up. Now, I want to buy the Flirc-SE so that I can wake my HTPC with my remote from cold shutdown as well. Can the Flirc-SE be programmed in some way to only wake the HTPC with only one specific IR signal?
  17. Hazzah! I lucked out! I found my spreadsheet (May 2017 - told ya it was about 2 years :) ) where I had listed the commands from my Harmony Remote to the Keys for the Flirc. I'm all good now!
  18. Here is photo of my setup https://imgur.com/a/Tlqf9XR
  19. here is teh output from runningfoo.txt
  20. Hi there, I am a happy owner of both revisions of your little device! I just purchased the v2 to try and utilise it for a little Rasp Pi project. I want to send some commands via IR in response to keypresses. I installed with " curl apt.flirc.tv/install.sh | sudo bash So I have used the device log to get the "edge" and pumped into a terminal window. For example: flirc_util send_ir_raw 0,8819,4355,623,451,572,502,602,451,623,456,592,488,591,451,623,451,597,477,601,1576,597,1581,622,1589,589,1576,597,1580,623,1577,601,1576,593,1585,648,1551,597,1581,593,1586,623,447,597,481,598,455,619,451,597,482,597,456,648,421,598,481,597,1581,593,1585,623,1576,602,1576,593,1585,623 This is an "ON" button for an LED lamp I have. I have removed the lamp cover so that the IR receiver is exposed. I have placed the flirc v2 and the lamp about 10cm apart. With the front of the flirc2 plastic pointing directly at it. Nothing happens. Am I missing something here? Any help would be appreciated.
  21. http://flirc.io/config/ But you can't really figure out what remote button belongs to each hash... That's as good as I have at the moment. Let me know if it's of any help.
  22. Whew that’s good to know! I had it ran a shortcut on the desktop to start my DVR software. Is there a way to read the configuration to know what that “keystroke” is?
  23. Stored on the device, so you can bring it to a friends computer, or this new computer, and it will work with your previously paired remote with no pairing or additional software needed.
  24. Hi first-time poster I’ve had the flirc for about two years now. My computer recently crashed. I have a new computer arriving today. Is the configuration loaded onto the flirc or will I have to set it up again from scratch?
  25. Hi all, I recently purchased a Flirc v2 to get more functionality out of my Philips TV/Remote when controlling my mediacenter. I use the controller in Full Keyboard mode. I noticed my TV remote seems to modulate a few sets of IR commands per key press...but i recorded them all and now it works fine. But! Im running my mediacenter on 1920x1080 resolution and the flirc GUI does not seem to fit this resolution! Therefore the Erase and Go buttons as well as the status bar can not be seen. Can this be fixed please? Luckily i only programmed a single wrong key so far (which i can not delete now).
  26. Managed to get get it working. Used the debian script which tried to install Flirc but failed , it tried to use your old repo. Deleted this from my software list ( I tried this at the start before downloading software ) Ran the debian script and it installed the new repo and installed Flirc. Might be useful for others that name the new repo http://apt.fury.io/flirc/ / This would save them having to try and download the packages and then try to work out what to do with them. Or better still just ignore the download section and use the debian script as long as they have the correct repo installed. Had the same problem as with a previous post where I had to disable play/pause
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