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  2. Hey all, I'm new to Flirc so there is a high probability I am doing something wrong. However, I can't seem to figure out what that is. My ultimate goal is to get my URC MX-990 to control my Nvidia Shield 2017. My first attempt generally worked (except for the Back function) for about 24 hours, but suddenly it completely stopped responding. So, I decided to just do some basic keyboard testing to see if I could make things work in Windows Notepad to make sure I was doing things correctly. Unfortunately, I'm having no success. Here is what I did after clearing the Flirc and starting from scratch: 1) I run the Flirc GUI and select Full Keyboard. 2) I select a key (the "A" for example), and press a button on my IR remote. 3) Flirc says it is recorded successfully. 4) I open Notepad and press the key on my remote corresponding to "A".... and *usually* nothing. Sometimes, if I push and hold or press multiple times, a random "a" will appear. But none of the other keys work at all. I tried this with a standard DirecTV remote just to make sure it wasn't something with the MX-990, but the result is the same. Any ideas how to troubleshoot? EDIT: I should mention I'm using Flirc 2.0 with firmware v4.9.3 and GUI v3.25.3
  3. Hey all, just picked up a logitech harmony 665 (which has IR and not bluetooth) so I ordered a FLIRC and found this post, because I have a 2019 shield pro, and want to get the harmony to control the shield. I have a question. The USB ports on the shield are on the back, which I assume wont work if I plug the flirc in there because it needs line of sight. If I bought one of these 90 degree adapters, which would make the flirc point upwards and clear the back of the shield, will that work? I am not sure where the IR sensor on the flirc is? Does the top of the flirc need to be pointed towards me? https://smile.amazon.com/Adapter-VCZHS-USB3-0-Converter-Female/dp/B01G8H7I44/ref=pd_ybh_a_4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=CTT9ZYPDRP3WXS1V8VCR
  4. Hi Jason, I need formware version 4.6.3 as I upgraded all my FLIRC usb units in the house but the latest firmware does not like Plasma TVs! I only have one unit with 4.6.3 on and I want to downgrade the rest. I know this version works with my Plasma TV hence i want to move back to it. Thank you in advance. Wes
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  6. Chrome can be notorious for reporting false positives. As long as you have an anti-virus enabled on your system, ignore that message.
  7. Yeah, I'm back on development, will get a release out in 2 weeks.
  8. I'm having this issue as well on Chrome. I can download it using Edge but based on what Chrome is saying I think I'm going to hold off until it's fixed. Maybe you should check out this link and try to get it resolved: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/3258249 This is the link that Chrome directs you to if you try to download the file.
  9. My trigger finger is itchy and ready as ever to snatch up at least two FLIRC-SE’s as soon as they are available again. Proud purchaser of these puppies!
  10. MVP to you, Jason. It is a tricky time for all of us but I am so glad to hear you pull it off. Greatly appreciated!
  11. I don't know what the hell is wrong with windows. I'm sorry. There are no viruses. It's crazy. It doesn't say what it is, it's erroneous.
  12. I dug into this more, it's a generic linux kernel bug. From: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35728129/usb-hid-device-poll-interval-on-linux/36002731#36002731 Another Reference Report, this states there is a workaround, there is not. An official kernel bug report: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=60586 with a discussion on the topic: https://www.mail-archive.com/linux-usb@vger.kernel.org/msg24939.html I will not be changing the polling time in firmware to accommodate for this stupid linux bug. There is a way to change the polling time for specific USB devices, but mainly keyboards and mice. Flirc is a USB HID device, so there is no specific way to do the custom generic HID interface polling override. However, there seems to be a possible way to do it by patching the kernel: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/panfrost/linux/commit/2ddc8e2d2b5902b376fee51585c8eed72b8836e7 This may be the route I try. But it's not urgent, since the workaround is fairly easy, just set it up on another computer. But it looks like I can just compile a patched kernel module so we can override the poll time of flirc, include it in my package. Free upcoming product for anyone willing to put the time in to the above to get the poll time override working on generic HID devices.
  13. It's done, packaging is done, I just have to pull the trigger. But the pandemic has been killing me. Every day, I'm slammed. I'm going to try and kick it off this week.
  14. Should we expect a new Flirc case for the RPi 4 8GB? Timeframe?
  15. Firefox blocks it too. I don't know about Chrome, but in FF you can go to Tools-Downloads, right-click on it and select "Allow Download" and it works.
  16. Interesting, I thought it was just me and my old Hauppauge 45 button remotes. Assuming it's the same issue I have it goes back 7+ years (see my post from 2013). I thought there was a fix for it at one point, but maybe not officially released. I just tried setting up a gen1 Flirc with the H45 remote again today and am having the same issues. I too am using ir-keytable with the H45 remote on my ODroid N2 (with built-in IR) running CoreElec with no issues. The N2 is probably over-kill for Kodi, but man is it a rocket! The ODroid C4 (also has built-in IR) appears to be very comparable to the RPi4 and if I don't have to buy the Flirc (and a new remote) it would be a fair amount cheaper solution too.
  17. This fix got lost somewhere along the way. I just reconfigured a Hauppauge 45 button remote on the latest Flirc s/w (v3.25.3) and the latest f/w in my gen1 Flirc (v3.11.0). Same issue as 7 years ago, the Flirc is only sending every-other button press to Kodi (have to hit each remote button twice to do anything). The temporary fix of hitting each remote button twice during setup doesn't work anymore, the software saves the first press before I can hit the button on the remote a second time. I tried many times to be fast enough on the buttons, I'm not.
  18. Nevermind. Appears to have been a Windoze/software glitch. I rebooted and the error is gone, works now.
  19. The wheels keep turning, had a thought that I'd at least prove the Flirc still works (it's been in a box for a couple years) so I grabbed a remote that's in use in another room (Popcorn Hour A110 remote) and was going to set that up for Kodi. Same "Transfer Error" message. So I went and grabbed the Harmony 650 from the Family room, same error. Is this some stupid Windohs 10 UAC or similar setting issue?
  20. Reconfiguring things with my home setup and was planning to use a Hauppauge 45 button remote with Flirc on an RPi to control Kodi. I actually had a saved configuration file from 4-5 years ago for this which I loaded, but none of the remote buttons worked. So I installed the latest Flirc s/w (v3.25.3) and loaded the latest f/w in my gen1 Flirc (v3.11.0). I select a Kodi keyboard controller and when to start programming the keys with the Hauppauge 45 button remote. But ever button I press on the remote during the setup results in "Transfer Error" message showing briefly in the black window on the bottom of the GUI. Any thoughts? Thanks, -Brad
  21. Flirc any fix for this I cannot download from your site. You need to write off to google to get it unlocked.
  22. I'm setting up Flicr to be used with a TiVo Stream 4k and aside from trial and error what is the best way to identify the keyboard shortcuts for the buttons on the remote? It would be nice to have a predefined controller in the configuration app. Buttons i have not found a mapping for include Info, Skip, Live, Netflix and others. Thanks
  23. Hello! I use Flirc v2 together with a Logitech Harmony One+ on Debian Buster (10.4) and MythTV. On the Flirc I have selected a full keyboard layout. The problem is that I need to press every remote button twice for the command to work. Before I bought a Flirc I used ir-keytable and did not experience this problem. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Best regards, Peter
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  25. If there is, I haven't found it. The maintainers don't seem to care or communicate. At $20, this makes for a very expensive IR receiver.
  26. After getting past the virus warning from downloading the Windows GUI .exe, I tried everything I could find to get the flirc USB/software to work including using the "Zadig" utility to update driver, updating to the latest GUI version and reupdating with Mr Zadig. It simple hangs when clicking on anything. I've got Windows 10 Pro that is pretty stable... ok very freaking stable... never had a problem like this. Judging from the other posts, I'm guessing there will be no response to my problem and I'll have to use more of my precious quarantine time (enough with that) to send it back to Amazoney. Why are your RPi cases so awesome but the USB remote is not? Maybe there are extenuating circumstances. If so, please announce something otherwise it all seems more futile than the complete futility we're already forced to live with.
  27. Thanks a lot. It is working flawlessly again. (Well, Teletext and On Demand buttons on touch screen of harmony remote do not work, but I can live with this.)
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