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launching applications on Win7, plus context sensitive keys


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I'm a new Flirc user, using this on a Win7 HTPC.  There's only a few applications that I would like to use the Flirc to launch - XBMC, Firefox browser (for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon video).
I read the blog post about using a program call "Alauncher" to link IR remote to a short launch list.  Is there a free program for windows like that?  Specifically, it seems like there are apps that'll link hot keys to specific apps, but I like to idea of one remote button bringing up a list, and I can pick from the list using the arrow buttons.  That way, four apps won't translate to 4 different remote buttons being taken up.  Idealy, this program would let me specific shortcuts that would go to netflix.com or hulu.com directly, not just open up the browser.
Also connected to this question - is there a way to use the directional pad on the remote to do mouse movement?  I'd like to toggle between mouse and keyboard movement.  This would be useful when selecting a short list of things to watch on Netflix.  I'm usually watching what I watched recently, so I won't need a lot of mousing around.
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My suggestion here: XBMC
Netflix Addon

HULU Documentation


There isn't a way to change the Flirc over to mouse mode, not without a third party program that interprets keyboard arrow keys as mouse movements. And even then you have to figure out a way to Enable/Disable it.


As far as opening a list of programs with a single key press, it's the Windows Key.  :P   Seriously though, add them to the Start Menu and there you go. But navigating browser pages with a remote sounds tedious, and thus my original suggestion of XBMC, or Plex.  Your choice between server that "pushes" files to your end devices, or individual devices pulling them.

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