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Upgrade to RC4 failed, Flirc not working


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New to Flirc, upgraded device (tried to anyway) to RC4 and it failed locked up during firmware upgrade...

removed beta software, re-installed stable and now just trying to get it working again.

Trying to manually re-install driver(per instructions in FAQ) but its not working properly after doing so.  I'm using Windows 7 64bit if that matters...any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advanced...

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Okay so now that I have firmware v255.1 from RC6...how can I downgrade it back to the normal stable 1.01 version?  I keep getting "unsupported firware, try upgrading" error...



Okay, next release has been posted, v1.0.2


This will auto-update your device to the correct image.


** EDIT **


It will only auto-update should it see that you are on one of the latest release candidates.

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