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FLIRC w/ PC for Analysis and Storage of IR Commands


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I've collected quite a few devices that use IR controls, and there are now quite a few remotes that don't simply require you know the model of the device or anything, they can simply "learn" to clone a given IR key press from another remote. However, none of the remotes have an easy way of storing the learned commands so they could be backed up to my PC in a file.

I looked all over for IR transceivers that work with mobile phones or PCs, but couldn't find anything recent that was still in stock. I get that FLIRC is only a receiver, not a transceiver. It can only read, not create, IR signals. Can it be used with any existing applications to analyze IR signals from a remote and store the details to a file that an IR blaster hooked to the PC could later replicate?

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7 hours ago, jason said:

Flirc can send too. But we’re going to release our remote soon. 

yes flirc works with analyze ir. There is a thread on it. It should automatically take the output if you enable ir logging through advanced settings.

Perfect! I'll check on that thread. Thank you so much!

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