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trying to control minisplit


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I have a Flirc V2 running on a raspberry pi headless.  Using the device log when I press the increase temperature button I get this (I just press the button one time but get what looks like to me to be two outputs):


I am now trying to use the sendir command like this:

flirc_util sendir --pattern="371,454,375,454,372,453,372,453,372,423,406,424,405,424,406,484,354,454,375,454,371,454,376,454,371,454,1226,484,353,454,1226,454,371,458,371,454" --repeat=1 --ik=40000

and I get this error:

[E] util/flirc_util/src/cmds/ir_transmit.c sendir(101): Error: buffer should lead with zero

But if I add a zero at the beginning like this, I get a different error:

flirc_util sendir --pattern="0,371,454,375,454,372,453,372,453,372,423,406,424,405,424,406,484,354,454,375,454,371,454,376,454,371,454,1226,484,353,454,1226,454,371,458,371,454" --repeat=1 --ik=40000
[E] util/flirc_util/src/cmds/ir_transmit.c sendir(96): Error: invalid length, must be even

I also tried recording the on/off button with similar results.  I noticed the codes are always a little bit different everytime.

Do you have any suggestions?  Is controlling a minisplit something the Flirc can do?  Thanks for the help!



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