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These are probably low-priority requests, but I thought I'd mention them anyway.


Is there a way to view the keyboard mapping, like in a table some how (the entire configuration)?


Also, how hard would it be to enable keyboard shortcuts for the menu in the config utility?  I guess this isn't a high-use program, but I keep pressing ALT-F, etc to get to the menus and nothing happens.  I'm a keyboard guy and my brain is having a hard time adjusting to using the mouse for this.




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  I don't know of any way to view the current config, even as a text file of sorts.   


The biggest thing others have asked for is a light-up function in the upcoming GUI.  This will light up the current keys that are bound to the remote as you press the corresponding key on the remote.  So when you press the UP arrow on the remote, after having bound that button to the UP key on teh keyboard, the UP key in the GUI will light up.


The Flirc firmware is going through some big changes right now. Jason is working on kicking out the official v1.0 soon, and from what I've read that he's posted it will be dramatically different and improved.

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