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Simple WinTV setup


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Trying to cut down on cable cost we dropped back to just basic. This gives us 32 analog channels. To pickup more channels i chose the Hauppauge HRV1600, a two tuner card which lets us have 20 ATSC

OTA channels. Hauppauge cards ship with WinTV 7 and include a remote.


Only problem was the remote operation was unusable. I notified Hauppauge support but never heard back.


For the OTA channels I built two Gray Hoverman antennas...




Living on the south end of Vancouver Island we get the Victoria/Vancouver Canadian stations and the Seattle/Bellingham US stations.


Hoping to fix the remote problem I picked the FLIRC, same problem with erratic to non-operational... until I tried another remote, then the FLIRC worked perfectly!!! The Hauppauge remote was crap.


Just wanting a live TV setup and not concerned with multimedia, I found the perfect remote at the local Thrift store, a Sony RM-EZ4 big button with just enough buttons to be practical.




So the system works just great now, FLIRC fixed the problem


The green button starts WinTV (Ctrl+Alt+X) and the 'input' (since with a new label) closes (Alt+F4)

[it took me a few days to discover that FLIRC would do these inputs...lol]



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