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XML Configuration files with Validation


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So 24 hours in and I have my Flirc doing everything I want (Ill make the appropriate thank you in another post). I wish I could say the experience of setting it up didn't come with a few speed bumps. 


I ended up running into an issue where the Flirc would program on my Windows 7 box but when I'd get it on my XBMCbuntu system it wouldn't respond. I tried all the USB ports (some are on different hubs) but alas it would not work. I tried rebooting several times, I tried re-flashing / wiping then re-importing / upgrading-fw / downgrading-fw, nothing helped ... finally I tired a very simple setup (arrows only) and it seemed to be fine. So, I decided to watch the raw input and noticed that the device would initialize in linux but the first time I sent an IR command the driver would crash and the input would disconnect with my full config.


At this point I had to simply go through and re-map all my keys and custom buttons from my Harmony One




Basically all this is why I think some sort of configuration validator would have fixed this, obviously there was something in the config that was not correct. The reason for XML would be:

1) XML would make it easy for an advanced end-user to look through config, manually edit and fix issues.

2) XML validation could pick up on 99% config errors.

3) XML would make it easy to share configuration (mappings) with other users via the forum. 




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