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Flirc "asleep" after first bootup of the day

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I have a HTPC setup where the HTPC powers on via WoL and runs Plex Media Player in full screen mode say like 2AM each day.  Then around 8AM i'll use my Harmony One to power up all of the devices and set the correct input (samsung tv and pioneer receiver).  I'm greeted with the Plex screen saver bouncing around.  Using my remote to control plex it doesn't respond to the first ~20 presses of OK, Back, Play,etc.  but after so many (quantity varies) the remote/flirc "wakes up" and operates like a champ all day.  even after powering off the tv/receiver and letting the system go idle for hours upon hours.  My system is not allowed to "sleep".  this behavior only occurs during each morning power-on..  

Note:  i'm not trying to boot my hptc with the flirc/remote nor put it to sleep/wake it up with the flirc/remote combo.  I just want it to be "alive" when I power it on.  In Win7 dev mgr i've disabled all USB power control allowances.  Bios seems to be correctly configured but maybe there's something about the USB not getting power until it recognizes a device?  it's an odd duck.

Firmware is 4.9.3

thanks for any advice

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