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Budwyzer's setup using Flirc

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Here's my setup, finally.


All those network cables sitting on the right are for one of these. This brings the video/sound from my gaming PC that is in another room. Works great so far.



post-2205-0-09337800-1381513470_thumb.jp - see below   :)

Here's the back of my remote that came with the TV.

Here's the front.

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We moved outta the apartment and bought a house.




That little blue ball of light is a USB hub and the Flirc is actually plugged into the back of it and the signal bounces off of the wall to hit it.


Now I just have to talk the wife into letting me build a custom entertainment center....  It's not so much the building it part, it's the purchasing all the new tools that are required to get to the building part.   :D

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