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Flirc execute .sh under Ubuntu

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I am thinking to purchase the flirc remote but before i do this i have a few questions.

I will use flirc with XBMC build around minumal ubuntu (no GUI fo OS).

1. So what i am interested in is if flirc can execute the script .sh if XBMC freezes. So something like 'irexec' which is a seperate deamon in lunux which listens for command. So basically even if XBMC freezes you can still execute f.e. reboot.sh command to restart the HTPC not dependent on XBMC.

2. Can flirc be programmed on windows and then be used on linux?


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Hi illiac4,

I think I posted in your thread on XBMC forums where you were asking about assigning an script to IR. I didnt suggest flirc at the time though though.

1) Flirc won't execute the script as flirc just appears as a USB keyboard when programmed. It can press a key combo that could in theory be used to start a script (http://askubuntu.com/questions/15050/how-do-i-bind-sh-files-to-keyboard-combination), I've never done this though. Give it a try on your keyboard first, if you can assign it and it works kon your keyboard it should work in flirc.

2) Yes. There is also a programming app for Ubuntu and Mac.

Does this help?

Pleasant regards

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