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Flirc + Harmony 665 + ShieldTV Pro

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I can get everything working satisfactorily, except one thing: The Google keyboard which is the Android TV OS level keyboard for searching in ShieldTV (like in the GooglePlay store - or to search titles in Google Movies or even the Vudu app for some reason) doesn't work. When using the Netflix virtual keyboard - the OK button selects the letter I have navigated to, then navigate to next letter, hit OK, eventually spelling out a title. But in the Google keyboard, the OK button is trying to execute the search instead of selecting the letter, so I can't select a single letter before executing the search...all searches fail. So at this point I can't search for apps in the the google play store, use the Android TV Home search (which searches all apps), and even within some apps, like Vudu, I can't search for movies.

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