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Firmware v4.8.2 - Wake/Up

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Firmware v4.8.2

  • Supports Wake up features with remote buddy
    • Custom single command
    • Multiple buttons
  • ir_transmitter updates, ability to kill a running transmission
  • Possible bug fixes in XMP protocol

To update, make sure you have at least GUI version 3.24.2, release date November 19th, 2019

First, backup and save your configuration.

Head over to File->Advanced. Check which SKU you have, it should be either dori, or nemo.

Then do File->Upgrade and point to one of the images attached.

Note - You do not have to quit the remote buddy application to update your firmware. This firmware is only required for sleep/wake functionality extended specifically through remote buddy. Flirc/Remote Buddy 2 support has been baked in and tested since v4.6.x, this update is not necessary to use Flirc with Remote Buddy.

Please feel free to report any findings here. Bugs specific to this version of firmware.


dori.release-4.8.2.bin nemo.release-4.8.2.bin

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12 hours ago, Peter Stone said:

Where do I find GUI version 3.25.0  ?

I'm sorry, it's my mistake, the currently released 3.24.2 is the correct one. 

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5 hours ago, Peter Stone said:

Thank you Jason. I 'm hoping to use Remote Buddy to control my Eyetv but struggling to understand....


Grab my latest GUI, grab this firmware, and go to File->Upgrade and select the dori.release-4.8.2.bin

Close my GUI once you've got the firmware loaded. 

Grab the latest beta of remote buddy 2. Remote buddy only supports a handful of remotes at the moment. Make sure you are using one of the supported. Then you can use the remote buddy app to specifically control the specific app you'd like. Let me know where you are stuck.

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Yes I have taken all the above steps but I think I have to wait a little longer for EyeTV 4 to finish Beta testing. The old remote control is not working with the latest Beta of EyeTV 4. I do appreciate your help - Thank you.

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