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Possible to use a remote, keyboard, and mouse with one FLIRC?


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Hi, I purchased my FLIRC a few weeks ago, and am just now able to figure out how to pair a Harmony remote to it by adding it as its own device.

Now I'm wondering if I have my Harmony registered, does that become the ONLY device FLIRC can recognize? In other words, would it be possible for the one FLIRC to recognize my remote as well as a keyboard and a mouse? If possible, I'd like to be able to declutter some of my USB dongles, but from what I understand, FLIRC does not do this, correct? If it does, please let me know how.

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I bought this receiver since it was advertised as Microsoft Media Center compatible. BUT (and a big one)--

It DOES NOT support the MS Media Center full keyboard with the nipple pointer that acts as a mouse--AND requires laborious key mapping for individual keys which is still not working correctly.

So to me this product is a serious step backwards.

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