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I just got the 2019 NVIDIA Shield TV Pro last 10/28. First Shield TV that I've had. I also got a new Flirc USB in the mail yesterday and I was able to set it up to work with my Shield TV. So far, it works for me.

The usual keys work fine (cursor keys, home, back, numeric, play, pause, rewind, forward, stop).

I can power it on via the Flirc, but I haven't figured out how to make the Shield sleep via Flirc. Since the Shield automatically sleeps after a certain amount of idle time, it's not a big deal.

One thing that I liked with my old Intel NUC for using Plex is that I was able to program an Info button so that I can see details of the movie being played (such as Codec). I don't know if this is possible with the Shield TV, and if so, how to program a code with Flirc. Also, a caption/subtitle button would be nice (not sure if this is possible with Shield TV/Flirc, but if not, caption can be turned on via Plex play menu).



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On 11/1/2019 at 1:42 PM, Flexen said:

How did you get it to work with Shield TV Pro 2019?

I had to go over the Flirc documentation and other Flirc forum threads. The Flirc documentation made it seem a lot simpler than it was, but various commands were missing when I only followed the Flirc doc, so I had to define commands using 3 different controllers in the Flirc software. As discussed in the doc & other forum threads, it doesn't matter what remote IR commands you use, as long as they are not used for any other devices in your system. I used the old NVIDIA Shield IR codes. I have a Pronto remote, so I was able to copy-and-paste the old NVIDIA Shield codes posted online to my Pronto, and then I used my Pronto to "teach" the commands to the Flirc. 

My primary purpose of using Shield TV is for Plex, so I focused on making the commands work for Plex.

Below are the Controllers and commands (in Flirc and the corresponding old NVIDIA Shield IR code) that I used with the Flirc software (again, it doesn't matter what IR codes that you use, but for me, I decided to use the old NVIDIA IR codes):


Controllers->NVIDIA Shield:
Flirc                  Old Nvidia Shield IR Code 
=====               =====================
Cursor Keys    Cursor Keys
Select               Ok
Back                 Last
Home               Shield (other option was Menu). This command seems to take you to home page, as expected.


Flirc                    Old Nvidia Shield Code
========          =================
Numeric keys    Numeric Keys (0 to 9) <= these actually work for entering in a search window. in the future, consider trying to do alphabet, if it's worth it.
ch+/ch-               ch+/ch- <= these behave like cursor up/down. Don't know what scenarios ch+/ch- are useful in. May not be needed?
Play                     Play
Pause                 Pause
Shutdown          Power On. Although this command is called "Shutdown" in Flirc software, using this command actually turns on the Shield. This command does NOT turn off the Shield.
*Info                   Display (I used an Oppo IR code for this) <= doesn't seem to do anything.
*Caption            Subtitle (I used an Oppor IR code for this) <= doesn't seem to do anything


Controllers->Media Keys:
Flirc                 Old Nvidia Shield Code
========       =================
**Rewind        Rewind (aside: I  believe cursor key left can also be used for Rewind, at least in Plex).
**Forward      Forward (aside: I believe cursor key right can also be used for Forward, at least in Plex).
**Stop            Stop

**  Note: the Rewind and Forward keys work when paired under Controllers->Media Keys, but don't work when I paired Rewind and Forward under Controllers->Kodi.

Note: Flirc Previous and Next do not work, whether paired under Controllers->Kodi or Controllers->Media Keys. 


As indicated above, I got Power On to work. I don't have a way to Power Off the Shield. But not a big deal, since my Shield will sleep automatically after 20 minutes (user-configurable) of non-use. I'd rather have a discrete Power On than a Power toggle, since it makes remote macros more reliable.

The Shield OEM remote also has a settings button on the upper right of the remote. I don't know how to teach Flirc this command, but not a big deal since settings is not used frequently and is easily accessed with cursor keys. However, having this command would be useful if the button is reconfigured to do something else other than settings (such as starting a favorite app). 

I also don't have a Flirc command to go with the Netflix command in the OEM remote. But, not a big deal. Kind of strange that Netflix has its own button in the OEM remote. Should have just been made an anything you want command changeable from Settings. Netflix can always be brought up using cursor keys from home page.

Note: before using Flirc, I had plugged in a USB keyboard to the Shield TV to see what keyboard mappings might be useful, but I didn't see any potentially useful commands over and beyond what was mentioned above (if anyone knows any keyboard commands that might be useful, let me know... I recently read that F8 may be useful to get Netflix info while Netflix is playing, but I haven't tried it).

I wish there was some sort of Info command which can be used to bring up Info on the Plex movie that is playing (such as codec, etc.), similar to what can be done when using an embedded Plex Media Player in Linux.

If anyone has other commands not mentioned above, or better ways to configure Flirc, let me know.  

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Thanks for the reply. I was able to do pretty much exactly what you did after doing some more research. For power on, I just set my Harmony to send the "ok" command after turning everything on. This wakes the Shield. It goes to sleep on it's own. When I turn everything off, I have the "home" command sent so it will be on the home screen when it wakes next time. Only thing I wish I had was the setting button. But I can still get there using the arrows for now. 

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Yes, it would be nice to get the Setting button to work. Granted, I don't see a need to have a dedicated button just to go to Settings. However, the Shield allows you to change what the Settings button does, so if you use it to do something else, the Settings button would be good to have. It would also be nice if the Shield allowed a way to redefine the Netflix button (and the Flirc had a way of sending the "Netflix" command). Don't know why Netflix needs its own button as opposed to just calling it something generic and letting the user define what it does. 

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Hey guys, I've been setting up my parents nVidia Shield 2019 with their Harmony One remote and I've managed to make the Shield go to sleep using Flirc.

I've not been using just one IR code profile on the Logitech Harmony Remote Software, but two.

I've used the "old" Shield IR profile one for the directions (up, down, left, right, ok, back and home) and media keys (play, stop, rewind, etc...) and for all other commands (custom Kodi commands, F8 in netflix to show informations, etc...) I've used an other profile (because the Shield IR one didn't have enough commands and also because some of them were the same with different names so one would be erasing the other). I used a Yamaha Amplifier for the other profile because my parents don't own any Yamaha product so there was no chance of conflict.

The command in Flirc I used to go to sleep is the Power button in the "Media Keys" section (set up to a command in the other IR profile).

The "ok" button in the Shield IR profile was used to wake up the shield.

So, for each device (Shield & Yamaha) in the Harmony Software I made these advanced changes :

  • Shield device : "Ok" to power on, "no button" to power down
  • Yamaha device : "no button" to power up, "the command I chose" to power down

This way I created an "Watch Shield" activity which used 4 devices :

  • My parents TV
  • Their amplifier
  • Shield device
  • Yamah device

And everything works like a charm.

I also managed to find the "settings" button in the Shield remote. It's the "Application" (or "Menu") on a Windows keyboard (I plugged a USB keyboard in the Shield to test each key).

Since Flirc doesn't propose it in the "Full Keyboard" profile, I set it up to one button on my harmony using this command :

flirc_util.exe record_api 0 101

(101 being the HID code for the "Application" key on a keyboard)

I haven't search the Netflix button because my parents don't care using the menu to access it.

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English is not my first language

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Thanks a lot to all for this thread ! 

I was able to map correctly most of the remote to flirc commands.

The exit (round icon button on the remote) does not seem to work though.

Any one know the keyboard combination for it or ID to pass to flirc_util ?


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Hello again,


I was able to map pretty much all the buttons of the shield remote on my hamony 350 thanks to this thread and others 

Just noticed that through flirc / harmony it doesn't register keyboard presses when you open up the keyboard to search from the main menu or through the search in Plex for example.

It seems the 'ok' button from the shield remote is not the same command as the 'ok' for everything else even though it is the same button on the shield. Quite odd.

Do you experience the same issue ?

Shield remote or the Android TV phone app can be used as a workaround in the meantime.

Bit annoying though to be so close from not needing the original remote.

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Just discovered the Flirc and reading up on it as I'm considering an Android TV box.

I'm confused by all this talk of the 2019 Nvidia Shield TV. It doesn't have an USB socket so I don't see how it can work with the Flirc.

I understand the Nvidia Shield TV Pro does and so the Flirc does work.

Am I missing something?

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@Mark Baines Yes only the Pro has the USB ports, the "tube" doesn't.

@Everyone I'm getting my Pro today (replacement of the "tube" because I wanted the USB ports for FLIRC).

I already have the FLIRC, and plan to use iRule to talk to it through IP2IR.

Has anyone got a configuration file that I could use to get the FLIRC to accept the old shield commands as a starting point, as these are already supported in iRule?

This would be a great starting point and a fantastic time saver.

Thanks in advance!

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