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PS4 settings not working for discs


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Just got my first Flirc and I set it up using the PS4 preset with my universal remote, but the keys I've assigned to 'Enter' and the directional arrows don't work on Blu-Rays or DVDs, only the basic PS4 menu screens. I also programmed some buttons like the PS button and it seemed to take, but then it didn't work when I tried it on the Playstation. Couldn't get the "back" or Circle control programmed either which is super-necessary on the PS4.

I've been using the Blu-link VP3700 for a few years now with my home theater; we had been using a PS3 for our Blu-ray player and now I've moved on to a PS4 for that and so the dedicated PS3/Bluetooth button on that remote is now useless (it was never supposed to work with the PS4). I was hoping with the Flirc I could program another button to emulate a Blu-ray player and thenwould program the Circle, Triangle, Square and X buttons on the remote to their matching PS4 controller buttons in Flirc, but they won't take. I think that's a remote issue as maybe those buttons don't work unless you're actually connected to a PS3. Unless there's some device code that unlocks those buttons (I've tried a Sony Blu-ray player code so far; there were no Blu-ray player codes in the manual back when this remote came out).

Anyway, I realize I may need to get a new universal remote but it would be nice to try and keep this one since my family is used to it. If there's a device code that would work here or another way to program the Flirc with this thing that I'm missing then I'm all ears!


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