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Flirc not works after update

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i have Flirc USB for very long time and its works very well. But few days ago i did update to Flirc v3.22.4 & Firmware v4.6.3. After this update my Flirc doesn't works correctly.

For example - i have teached arrows (arrow Up = Arrow Up). When i press Up button first time, its works. When i press Up button again, typically nothing works. Sometimes second button press = random arrow is simulated in PC.

All buttons erased & re-recorded manytimes, but without success :(
I'm running @ Windows7 64bit, remote: MS Xbox One Media remote.

Thanks for every help.


EDIT: solved... Previously i had Flirc connected in USB HUB  in my monitor (because good view to remote). Now i reconnect Flirc to USB @ MB and Flirc works again... Maybe glitch in the matrix?!?!


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glad to see you've fixed it. i am trying too figure out something as well but the community here is dead. i wanted to know if the xbox one series 2 controller can be seen by flirc as a xbmc media remote...have you tried to do this before?

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