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Using Flirc with Shield TV & Harmony 650

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I own the Shield TV 16GB 2nd Gen and the Shield TV Pro 2nd Gen (I'm not using the Flirc with the Pro as it has a built-in IR receiver). I struggled for some time to properly set up the Flirc and Harmony 650 but have found a solution that has worked for me. 

This is what works for me:

  1. Run the MyHarmony app.
    1. Add the device:
      1. Manufacturer: Nvidia
      2. Model: Shield
      3. The MyHarmony app will ask if it is the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Tell it "Yes" and you should see a full array of options for the buttons.
  2. Program the MyHarmony remote's activities and buttons as desired.
    1. Adjust the Shield TV's "start" activity to include:
      1. Shield TV Home command
    2. Adjust the Shield TV's "stop" activity to include:
      1. Shield TV Back command
      2. Shield TV Home command
  3. Run the Flirc program in connect the Flirc to be programmed.
    1. Under "Controllers" select NVIDIA Shield:
      1. Program each of the functions.
    2. Under "Controllers" select Kodi:
      1. Program all functions other than the Shield functions programmed earlier.



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