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No drivers found on win7 x64


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Where do I find the flirc software setup if I can't even see it in Explorer? And yes I do need to record some keys. system will allow unsigned drivers.

UAC is also off and to ensure unasigned drivers are allowed I used gpedit.msc

Same issue: Flirc isn't seen at all in explorer and flirc driver is not found on both computers and for both flirc devices

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Win 7 x64 here. Drivers are not needed unless you are recording the keys, in that case, run the Flirc software setup, also double check that your system will allow unsigned drivers


I am sorry but what sort of answer is that? I am running into HUGE difficulties with the new software on a Windows 7 64 bit computer. Windows reports drivers not installed, but I need to define the keys again because the saved config files no longer work. When I try to define keys it keeps on telling me the keys have already been assigned, EVEN THOUGH I cleared the whole thing first. It is a massive mess and I am stuck. If the software won't install the drivers how on earth do I ever get a functional flirc? If you are not recording keys then why do I need the flirt software in the first place? I am very confused and quite upset because now I no longer have a functioning system.

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