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Macro pause and other command line questions

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Is there a possibility to program a "pause in time" when programming a macro, for example: programming a macro with "F10" then a "pause for a second or two" and then "F11"

There are a limited set of commands that are available when programming with command line (long press and macros) 
(return, enter, escape, backspace, delete, tab, space, F[1-12], printscreen, scroll, pause, insert, home, pageup, pagedown, end, right, left, down, up, wake,
media keys: eject, vol_up, vol_down, mute, play/pause, stop, fastforward, rewind)

Will there be a possibility to program multiple commands with command line, for example "shift + F12" or "alt + F4"
and will there be more programmable commands like "windows key" in the future? 



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Sorry. There's no pause feature. The keys in the macro are called sequentially as fast as possible.

Regarding applying the modifiers to arbitrary keys when recording macro or long press, unfortunately there's currently no way to do that. The way these commands work right now, the modifier key is applied automatically when you record a sign which is achieved by using the modifier (so for example, if you run flirc_util record_macro A, then the util will translate this to shift + a).

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