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Power on and off for TV and HTPC

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So I'm new to using the Flirc and bought it for my second HTPC build as it had no built in IR receiver.  I'm running windows 10 64 bit and have Kodi installed.  I'm using a Harmony 250 and the only things that needs to be controlled are a TV and a HTPC.   I had some issues with the Harmony and used the Flirc to map some keyboard letters to the harmony coloured keys. 

However,  I ran into issues on how to turn the PC and TV on and off.   The pc is setup to always go to sleep and not turn off or hibernate.   I mapped the Flirc keyboard "Wake" button to the Harmony 250 Power button and  woke the PC but not the TV.   Pressing it while everything is on , switches the TV off but leaves the PC on.

Any step by step instructions on how to turn the TV off and put the pc into sleep mode and then wake both up ?   Can it be done with a single power button on the harmony remote ?

One additional question,  my other HTPC uses a Harmony 650 and when I power it off I also send the "Stop" command.   This jumps Kodi out of live TV and prevents it from buffer recording live TV when it should be powering down.

Can something similar be done with the Flirc ?   I'm wondering if that might be the reason the PC did not enter sleep as it was still buffer recording live TV


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