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Harmony 600 + Kodi: fullscreen does not work

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Dear all,

I configured "Flirc media player" as a device at my Logitech Harmony 600. A lot of functions worked out of the box, some could be learned. But what doesn't work and has a weird behavior is the fullscreen function.

Regardless which button I assign, it is mistaken for the number button "3".

I can erase Fullscreen and 3, but even after that, when i push "3" on the Harmony, it still works.

Any suggestions?

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There shouldn't be a 'flirc media player'.

If you do:

Manufacturer: Flirc

Device: Kodi

Then all functions should work out of the box. You can record over any of these buttons. Any of the keys you record will take priority over the built in ones. If you delete one that you recorded, it will then go back to the one that's built into memory. The only way to truly disable it is to go to file->advanced, and disable the kodi built in profile. Then record all the buttons manually.

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Thanks alot!

"Media player" came from that the Harmony tool categorized Flirc as "Media player" during adding.

I did as you suggested and cleared the configuration of Flirc. As you said, it works out of the box and even the immense bunch of additional features that are not covered by the Kodi profile of Flirc works :)


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