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FireTV recognizes button pushes when using remote for TV

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I have a 2nd Gen FireTV, 2nd Gen FLIRC, and a Harmony 650. The FLIRC works great with my FireTV and Harmony remote other than the following:

1. When using my remote to operate my TV, any time I push a button, the FLIRC plugged in to my FireTV thinks I am using it and starts opening apps and streaming shows even though the TV is the active device. How can I stop this? Is there a setting that I can use to disable the FLIRC when not in use (I.e. when not using the FireTV)?

2. The play/pause button on the Harmony remote was unable to be programmed to the FLIRC for the FireTV. Is this common/can be fixed?

thank you!

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Clear your flirc configuration, and go to your harmony software, and add the following device:

Manufacturer: Flirc

Device: firetv

No pairing needed, you can use your flirc on your firetv. This profile wont conflict with your TV

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