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Flirc on Kodi 17.6 Ubuntu 18.04 Harmony 650

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Recently built a new AMD Raven Ridge pc dual booted with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 the flirc works as expected in Windows but in Ubuntu on a lot of keys such as play or stop I just get a circle with a line through it. I also have another pc with librelec and the flirc works perfect their as well.  I have 2 flrics and can switch them from pc to pc witht he same result.  Any ideas?  This is with a Harmony 650 remote.


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Do you use multimedia keys on the Flirc? If yes then this is probably your window manager on Ubuntu informing you that the key is not mapped to any function or can't be used right now. You can test this by connecting a normal keyboard with multimedia keys and try pressing some of them like Play/Pause etc.

The same happens on my Arch Linux with Cinnamon when I press the Play button on the keyboard and no player is running. If, for example, I open the Spotify app, then the Play button on the keyboard works on doesn't show that symbol.

This is not a Flirc issue but your OS configuration issue. You need to make sure that the software you're using can properly use multimedia keys or change OS configuration to somehow force them. I rarely use multimedia keys and had no issues with them, so I won't be able to help more than this.


Alternatively you can check what keyboard shortcuts are supported by the software you're using and map them properly to your remote using Flirc GUI.

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I have a logitech k400 keyboard and get the same circle with a line through it when I hit play pause as well. So at least now I know it must be ubuntu. Thanks for the tip. I will keep trying

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