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Fire Stick + Harmony 650

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I purchased Flirc in order to add the home and return/back buttons from my Amazon remote to my Harmony 650. 

If I go through the automated setup on the Fire TV screen, everything registers properly (up/down/select) until I get to the home button. I wanted to assign the red button on the Harmony as home. Flirc wouldn't take it. It didn't matter what button(s) I pushed, Flirc wouldn't accept any buttons as home or back/return. I also tried using the full keyboard and alt/windows/return and had the same result. I tried the home button on the full keyboard as well.

Any ideas?

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Someone mentioned the same problem and we couldn't figure it out. Finally, they mentioned turning of ADB debugging in settings which fixed it. Ironically, none of flirc functionality should work if ADB debugging is off, which is why I never suspected it. But maybe things are different on the later version of Amazons software.

Can you let me know if that helps at all?

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