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SDK libraries out of date?

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I just got a FLIRC and updated, via the GUI, to v4.3 of the firmware.

I then attempted to use the SDK available on GITHUB, Darwin version (libflirc.dylib.1), and received the following error to a fl_open_device(0x20A0, "flirc.tv") attempt:

[D] lib/libflirc/flirc_driver.c determine_iface(226): unsupported fw v:4.3

Is the SDK out of date or perhaps some other issue?


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Hey Joe, yes, they are out of date. I migrated all my software builds to Travis. Before I was doing all my builds and releases from my personal computer, a disaster waiting to happen.

Travis isn't set up to publish the SDK just yet, I'm going to get to that this next week. 

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