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double key presses with Sharp remote

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I was excited when my Flirc came in today, but unfortunately I get double key presses for every key pressed on my Sharp GA935WJSA remote. 

For example, when selecting a file in File Explorer, I can press 'down' on the remote and the highlight will move two folders down as oppose to one when using the keyboard.  All keys are affected of course. 

I tried pointing the remote at the ceiling, recording from a different usb port and even a different computer.  I saw a how to on adjusting inter-key delay but it seems to be gone from the latest version of flirc GUI 3.1.0.  Updating to latest firmware 4.2.2 did not help.  Running Win10 Home x64.  Please help, attached is a log of me pressing down one single time.


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You're a wizard Jason, remote works as intended now - I can't thank you enough!  This sort of personalized support is next to nonexistent these days, I'll spread the good word bud.

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