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HDMI interference

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I looked for a long time but I'm not sure what the issue is coming from exactly, so, finding an answer is quite difficult...

My Flirc 1st gen is connected to my HTPC (Hipstreet PC2Go, copycat of Intel Computer Stick).

I had no issues so far.


I connected a Steam Link today to my TV.


The Flirc has trouble getting UR from my remote. Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't.

When I disconnect power from the Steam Link : no issue.

When I disconnect only the HDMI of Steam Link : no issue.


Is it possible that there's interference with the HDMI cable? I tried my another HDMI cable (with ferrites) and the issue remains.


I don't have other HDMI devices to test for now.

But does anyone have an idea of what's happening?



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I think it may be an electrical interference. Are your electric sockets properly grounded? If you use a power strip, does it also have a ground connection? Is all your hardware connected to the TV (TV included) connected with ground connection?

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