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I had an old Flirc module in my drawer for long (>years). Now that I hooked it up and launched the latest Flirc App (3.1.0), I get a

"Firmware Version Unsupported, You have newer firmware version than this software supports" error.

I have tried this under Win10, Win7 and Ubuntu and all the same.

Is it possible that firmware numbering has changed and I have some firmware from the long past on the module which has a higher version number than current?

Edit: on the bottom left of the GUI the stated firmware version is v255.9.0


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I have a similar issue, my old flirc is on Firmware: v255.7.0 [0x020A07FF]. The GUI just says it's too new and won't update it.

On ubuntu, the flirc_util is still bundled with the GUI. So what I did was:

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/flirc_util

then you can run things like

/usr/bin/flirc_util version

That should tell you if it's working. Now to update it here is what I just had to do (what a pain in the balls).

on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get remove flirc
wget http://apt.flirc.tv/arch/x86_64/backup/flirc_1.2.6-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i flirc_1.2.6-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb

Then it updated the firmware to 2.6.0. Half way there!

sudo apt-get remove flirc
(gets rid of 1.2.6 version)

sudo apt-get install flirc
(re-installs 3.1.0)

(now it prompts you to upgrade the firmware)

I don't really enjoy having to scrape through archive.org to find the old repository to get an older version, kind of lame.







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Hello Jason,

I'm having the same issue here, on Windows 8.1, and firmware v255.12

I would do as DreDub suggested (use old software version to upgrade firmware), but can't find the old version of software for Windows. Can you link to it please? I would give it a try.

Many thanks!


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Having the same problem here on windows 10. Gonna try linux as well. has a fix been found yet?

The old version is no longer found at the url here...

Here are my fw specs. Firmware: v255.11.0 [0x17060BFF]


Edit: Never mind am all updated. I just installed 1.2.6 then 1.4.4 then 2.0 upgrading the firmware every time. 2.0 segfaulted then was unable to detect the device. I then installed the newest and the firmware is now updated completely. Hopefully this helps someone.

Should state this was on linux. Found the packages here


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