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Flirc with Apple TV Remote Gen 2

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Hi all,

I want to use my Apple TV Remote Gen 2 to control Kodi in my raspberry pi.

How to program my flirc usb v2 to be able to control volume(Up/Down), make Play/pause and contextual menu using this apple TV remote ?

Thank you in advanced

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I just got an Apple TV remote (silver with black dial and Menu & Play/Pause button) and set it up in Windows using Keyboard keys. For PotPlayer, I have the black ring D-pad as arrows (skip and volume), the center button as Pause (space), the play button as fullscreen (enter) and the menu button as Mute (M). I would think that it would be similar in Kodi.

Can you program it in Windows or MacOS and save the configuration to the Flirc?

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