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Flirc (Gen2) + Inteset INT-422-3 Remote + Kodi Controller

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I just wanting say I had purchased the Flirc Gen2 USB and I'm proudly to say it an excellent device which I'm using with my HTPC build machine. I want to point out, however, with the Flirc software (version 2.6.4 & previous versions) - when using the Kodi (under Controllers in Flirc GUI), the shutdown is not register to the Inteset INT-422-3 remote power button.

I just happen to find out when using Kodi 17.  (on a Windows 10 HTPC build ) and when attempt to shutown with the Inteset remote, there is no respond - that when I check the setting in the Flirc GUI to verified all of Kodi buttons are mapped correctly to the Inteset remote (422-3).

Is this something you can look into with the Flirc software - I suspect it must be a bug. Thanks.


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Just wanting to update regarding the latest Flirc software 3.0.22, the power/shutdown in Kodi controller still not working when use in conjection with the Kodi software. I discover that the " ' key in the Full Media Keyboard controller must be interfering with the power/shutting mapping in the Kodi controller. I've attached my log and config files. Jason or Yawor, please look into this. Thanks.



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