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Does any keypress wakes the computer with FLIRC V2 (metal one)?


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I bought a FLIRC USB (the new version, metal color) and I'm using with a Harmony + Kodi.

The issue I have is that when my computer is sleeping, any keypress on the harmony wakes the computer. So if I just want to watch the TV  now, the computer will be always in a 'awake' state.

I tried to bind the correct buttons on the FLIRC "wake" functionality on the FLIRC Windows app, but still, any keypress wakes the computer.

I read on the forums a time ago that it's like that and a new version will be released with a fix for that. But I also heard that some people manage to make it work and so on. I'm quite confused whether this is an issue that has already been solved or what is the current status of that.

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