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Sunrise TV Box UHD + Logitech Harmony or any universal remote

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Hello all

so i have tried flashing this file but no luck.

i don't understand what i'm doing wrong :( 

what device should i choose when flashing the configuration

my infrared hub is next to the tv box but i get no response.

i have another question.

the new remote has a netflix button. how can we get the codes of the new buttons to make it functional too?


thank you very much for your help.


thank you again for any advice



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Hi, I configured Flirc to control the Sunrise TV Box UHD (Swiss internet provider). This box is manufactured by Sagemcom (DIW384 UHD) and is controlled by a bluetooth remote. Below

Hello, Here a new config file with the numbers : Flirc_18.09.17.fcfg You can add the numbers without a keyboard, just by selection the Full keyboard from the Controllers Menu :  

Hi i'm using v3.25.3 Sunrise_final.fcfg

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On 4/14/2020 at 9:08 PM, Raphi said:


I had the same issue today...

I formatted the Flirc and program it by myself with de commands from the original post and this worked. I don't now if there is something wrong with the config file or maybe there's a new Software for the Flirc since than and the File doesn't work anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If it's still a problem i can give you my config-file if you want.


best regards

Hello Raphi,

I'm wondering how you did program it yourself.
I would be glad if you can describe more in details how you did it?

I have a flirc v2, an Harmony hub and and Windows PC.

Thanks in advance!

Just figured out there a flirc_util.exe file here "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc".
This is how you launch and test commands for your special key like "recordings, etc".
A description can be found here.

I figured out most of my issues, now. Just got an annoying repetition of some keys, but it's acceptable.
On Harmony app: I added the Sunrise box:

  • Manufacturer: Sunrise
  • Model: type here what you w

When my Harmony was configured, I took my hub to my PC to have it in front of my Flirc USB.
Then, I manually configured each keys by launching the flirc_util record_api commands of the 1st post of this thread, and pressing the button on the remote to record them.
For the number, I used the "Full Keyboard" profil on the Flirc GUI to record them.

My configuration would miss the "netflix" button. I don't know how to find the right key ID to record it. Probably a Linux machine with logging enabled to find what code is generated by the original bluetooth remote.

Flirc - Config 2020-11-14-06.fcfg

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Added information to help and others
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